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Winter Warming

Climate Australia put you in control of your patio and outdoor residential or commercial areas all year round with our unique range of Outdoor Flame heaters using LPG or NATURAL GAS and summer coolers or cooling systems. We bring you worldwide cutting edge developments and award winning designs to enable you to benefit from all your available seating or function areas all year round.
No more wasted space or paying rent for outdoor areas which are too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

All our heaters are patented and fully Australian standard compliant, we are the sole distributors in Australia and New Zealand. The Real Flame heater collection consisting of the FireStick, Fire Fountain and Fire Lamp ensure the highest performance and the most conservative gas use.

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Our heaters and coolers are of the highest quality in structure, mechanics and visual appeal. You cannot compare our products to the cheap, inferior “knock off” items available at far lesser prices. Our outdoor heaters have proven more durable, warmer and safer. All our heaters are Australian Standard certified.

See our full range of heater accessories.

We take pride in the safety of our products and ensure their long lasting quality and effectiveness. Our products are child safe and cold to the touch, very efficient using less gas than traditional outdoor heaters whilst still providing the warmth you desire. All our products come with a full factory warranty.

We Use Less Gas and Burn Longer! LPG Or Natural Gas!

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We specialise in supplying heaters and coolers for outdoor functions

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Summer Cooling

Mistmate misting  system is ideal for domestic homes, apartments, green houses, sheds and stables. They are very easy to install and require no power to operate.

Tornado misting fan is constructed of the finest materials and patent design. It offers a wider range and reduces temperature by up to 18 to 20 degrees on a hot day. Perfect for domestic, hospitality or commercial use. Ideal for restaurants. The addition of a few drops of citronella the unit eradicates most flies.

The Islander is the perfect outdoor cooler for hospitality use. All natural evaporative cooling creates cool air and can lower temperatures as much as 17 degrees celcius using just tap water and a standard electrical outlet. No mists or sprays, just cool air! All digital controls keep efficient operation at your finger tips.

Evaporative Coolers, We have a full range of portable evaporative coolers which are able to cool warehouses, offices, sports complexes from 50 square metres to 300 square meters at an unbelievably low running cost. Ideal for backup cooling.

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