The Firestick® Portable Outdoor Gas Heater For LPG & Natural Gas

The Firestick® Portable Outdoor Gas Heater 

a world-class outdoor heating solution exclusively designed and patented by Climate Australia Pty Ltd. It is the ONLY Nationally Certified Safe Firestick and meets all Australian & New Zealand standards. …Read more



As seen on Big Brother on Channel Nine, and Beauty and The Geek on Channel Seven!!  

“Well you guys at Climate Australia were 100% correct, the cheap  flame heater is indeed incomparable to the Firestick! Wish I had believed you earlier instead of wasting money, time and effort. 
The Firestick is fantastic, my customers love them and they give our restaurant great warmth, ambiance and have become an attraction. Wonderful new feature.”

Michael Malouf, Owner
Fusion Point Manly NSW 

“We really love the attention we get with our firestick heaters. Winter they are warm and inviting , 
summer they are bright and exotic.  A real standout bonus for our business.”
Glenn Boyland, Managing Director
Blue Fish Seafood Restaurant – Darling Harbour NSW


Portable Centrifugal Misting Fan
For Indoor + Outdoor

The Tornado Summer Misting Fan is fully portable, with 3-speed control and a water tank with capacity for up to 29 litres. Cools temperatures up to 20º. Ideal for restaurants, entertainment / dance venues, hospitality, outdoor concerts, gyms, sports events etc.

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Fixed Misting System
For Indoor + Outdoor

The Mistmate is a LOW-COST, FIXED Misting System – Easy to Install, cools down the exterior temperature of your al fresco outdoor area. NO MOTOR, NO POWER, NO BATTERIES required! Customise to your outdoor area and cooling requirements.

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