Climate Australia’s goal is to put you in control of your patio or outdoor hospitality areas all year round. We bring you worldwide cutting edge developments and award winning designs to enable you to benefit from all your available seating or function areas all year round. No more wasted space or paying rent for outdoor areas which are too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

Outdoor Gas Heating Solutions


For winter we have the first of our Real Flame Heater Collection “The Firestick” in stock now. This new cutting edge portable LPG patio heater is not only efficient, but is a wonderful addition as a feature in outdoor dining.

Now Available – The Firestick for Natural Gas!! Fully adapted as a fixed outdoor heater using natural gas and standard natural gas supply points.


For summer we have the fully portable cooling Tornado mist fan which is both super efficient and easy to operate, and is by far the leading unit of its kind available. By just a flick of a switch your guests can experience the closest thing to outside air-conditioning. The easily adjustable Tornado can cool an area of 25msq by up to 15 degrees within minutes. The use of ice or ice packs produces greater temperature reduction.

Mist Cooling Solutions Australia