Spring in Australia is the most exciting time of the year. We live for our summers and spring means summer is just around the corner. Entertaining is at the top of the list for things to do. 

Making your backyard and entertaining areas alive and full of colour is a great way to get you into the mood for entertaining. Designing your garden creatively and using outdoor sculptures and ornaments to give it some depth and focus can transform basic areas into creative spaces that you long to spend more time in, both on your own and in company.

Considered some of these simple but artistic ways to liven up your backyard. 

Stencilled pavers look fantastic. You can add colour or us paint to give them patina, depending on the paver and the look that you’re trying to achieve. Once stencilled, they start to age in the sun and the elements and the result is as good over time as it is immediately after the job is done. All you need is the pavers, a stencil and paint in a colour of your choice. To add durability add a couple of coats.

Old tyres make great garden beds but you need to give them a new life with some vital and exciting colours. Bright oranges, greens and reds look amazing and the porous nature of the rubber in tyres gives them extra depth. Drag them out of the garage and paint them up. Fill them with dirt and compost and place them strategically in your garden or stack them. 

Other little touches are bird feeders, seedling cups and wind chimes. Don’t over do it, especially the wind chimes. But there is nothing sweeter than the tweet of birds or a gentle chime as the afternoon breeze passes your yard.

Keeping cool

If you have a small yard in a terrace or cottage, these simple but fun ideas will entice you outside. It will get hotter as spring turns into summer and as you know, that will require contingencies. A portable misting fan is the ideal accessory to cool you when it gets much hotter. If you have a little less space but you want to be outside as much and as often as possible, you can buy the same cooling system as a patio misting fan.

For larger homes and with more people to entertain you should invest in a misting fan or misting system that is designed to meet the proportions of your outdoor living area and the typical number of people you like to entertain. 

It really is something that you should consider. If you have kids that are near school leaving or university age then it’s so much fun, not to mention safer, to have your home entertainment ready. Outdoor misting fans and systems add hours to everyday because they drop the temperature enough to make the hottest of summer days tolerable and beautiful balmy Australian evenings pleasurable

Portable misting fans deliver a high pressure micro-mist delivered from the normal pressure provided by your hose through finely pierced misting nozzles. These miniscule drops of water evaporate in the heat which is what causes the temperature to drop. Misting systems have an excellent reach and they can have a substantial effect on large areas.

If you are looking for outdoor cooling solutions you should contact Climate Australia to purchase or hire. Our misting systems are the best and most efficient on the market. Don’t fall for cheap imitations, call Climate Australia today.

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