The summer heat is fast approaching, and if you don’t want to get caught in the sweltering heat, a portable misting fan can be a lifesaver. These fans evaporate water to produce a cool and refreshing mist for your space and are perfect for cooling your patio, outdoor restaurant space and outdoor space. Here are some great benefits of portable misting fans and why they are your perfect cooling solution this summer.

Keeps your audience refreshed

Portable misting fans are perfect for cooling your outdoor event as they can keep a large area cooled quickly and efficiently. By evaporating water, the fan can shoot out light waves of mist which help keep your temperature down by allowing tiny droplets to sit on your skin. When combined with the wind from the fan or the natural wind, you’ll feel a cooling sensation more effective than a fan on its own.

Perfect for restaurants and outdoor dining

It’s hard to deny the crisp comfort of dining in a restaurant with air conditioning. If you want to keep the appeal of eating outdoors with staying cool, then a misting fan can get the job done. Think of it as the cooling version of a portable outdoor heater; the unit helps set a comforting atmosphere while keeping you at a comfortable temperature to enjoy yourself. Portable misting fans are one of the most popular summer cooling solutions out there for businesses and personal use alike.

They can move around

One great feature of a portable misting fan is that they’re portable! Repositioning your fan lets you take full advantage of its work. Say the direction of the wind changes during your event; you can move the misting fan around for it to provide you and your guests with excellent cooling benefits continuously. If you work from a food truck, having your portable misting fan can not only keep you cool but act as an additional attraction to your business! Your fan can attract a crowd, then while they stand around, they read your menu and may purchase from you.

They won’t break the bank

Many portable misting fans are designed with water and electricity usage in mind. The best portable misting fans can run for up to 7 hours on the one 29lt tank and use a low amount of energy to run. The power they produce can lower temperatures by up to 20 degrees and help lower humidity in dense rooms. Misting fans can also double up as an insect repellent when you mix a few drops of repellent into the water tank.

For additional advice on how to make the most of your misting fans and the hottest tips on how to cool down an outdoor party and more, contact the cooling experts at Climate Aus today.

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