Including a patio heater in your outdoor landscape is essential for winter. Climate Australia has a range of high quality, affordable heaters which will warm you up this winter. Our patio heaters are suitable for both home and commercial use. Climate Australia patio heaters are the most affordable heating solutions. Our heating range uses LPG or natural gas, which is efficient for longer heating time. This efficient use of gas means your outdoor heating bill will be significantly lowered.

The FireStick

This patio heater is a premium and portable outdoor gas heater. It is designed for use in the hospitality industry. The FireStick can be used year-round – as a heater in winter, and as a lantern in summer. This unit provides an incredible 25sqm of heat coverage and has three levels of flame height and heat.

The FireFountain

For a small but mighty patio heater, The Fire Fountain the perfect choice. It has been designed for use at home, and for commercial use. It stands at 2m tall and has three heat and flame settings to create a cozy mood. The FireFountain has the choice of eleven stunning colour finishes, and comes fully assembled with wheels.

The FireLamp

The Fire Lamp has a flickering effect which is ideal for creating a welcoming outdoor setting. This patio heater is perfect for home and commercial use, and has three heat and flame settings. The FireLamp is priced to suit every budget, and comes partially assembled with wheels.

All Climate Australia patio heaters are designed with space in mind. Each product stands tall to minimise the space used. Every Climate Australia patio heater is certified with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, and the grilles are not hot to the touch. You can be assured that each and every Climate Australia heating product is completely safe for use.

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