When the colder weather approaches, our first instinct is to pull out the trusty patio heater. However, one of the biggest debates is whether you should use an electric or natural gas patio heater. There are pros and cons to both options, which we will go through so you can make the best decision.

What is the best patio heater?

Before you decide on what power source you use, consider the following factors that may vary depending on your situation:

  • Consider how big the area you want to heat is. Depending on the size, you may need a particular type of heater or even multiple.
  • You may need a different type of heater depending on the ventilation of your space.
  • Are there many outlets available for an electric heater? If not, extension cables may be an unsafe option.
  • If your climate is frigid, you may need a very powerful solution
  • Consider whether you want a heater for a short time or to be your permanent heating solution for years to come

With that out of the way, let’s look at the main differences between electric vs. natural gas heaters:

Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas outdoor heaters can output a tremendous amount of heat with a high-efficiency rating. Not only is it cheaper to run over electricity, but gas heating also converts into heat very efficiently, making the most of the energy used to heat. 

A highly energy-efficient gas heater has a low impact on the environment when compared to electric heaters. Natural gas produces fewer emissions and boasts lower operational and maintenance costs. Natural gas is considered one of the cleanest power sources on the market and is perfect for reducing your environmental footprint. The Fire Lamp outdoor flame heater is one example of the ideal gas heater.

Natural gas heaters don’t run off electricity, which reduces your overall electricity bill. This is also great in the event of a blackout or power outage. Your heater will continue to run, keeping you warm when you may need it most. This could be invaluable in a location with icy winters.

If your home already has a gas supply, it can be easily set up to that connection. However, upfront and installation costs are usually higher than electric heaters. Natural gas heaters typically require professional installation if they’re not portable, and their initial purchase price is generally higher than electric heaters.

Electric Heaters

Electrical Patio heaters are usually cheaper to purchase outright, and their setup is faster, as you can easily plug and play to an available power outlet. In comparison, portable natural gas patio heaters also don’t require any installations. While electric heaters are convenient to get going, they often take some time to heat up before they output high temperatures.

As the name suggests, electric heaters require electricity to run. Electric heaters are infamous for how much they cost to run over long periods. Leaving them on for long hours every day may give you a large power bill. Electric heaters also lack the appearance of gas heaters, which can feature elegant flames. 

Many factors can influence what type of heater you should go for. The takeaway of this comparison is that electric heaters are faster to set up and get going but can take a while to heat up and can be expensive to run long term. Natural gas heaters are better for the environment, cheaper to run over long periods, provide better heat and are reliable heating solutions even in a blackout.

If you cannot decide what outdoor heater to buy, our team of passionate experts will do everything they can to provide you with the best solution for your circumstance.

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