The following accessories are available for The Firestick® range of portable outdoor heaters. For further information or to purchase any of the accessories please contact us.

Attachable Bar Table


Allows your guests to sit around The FireStick® on bar stools or stand around and use the bar counter. Some restaurants even replace all their outdoor tables or bar counters with the Firestick bar table as their guests love huddling around the warmth of the unit.

The Extra Large Hat


The XXL hat increases the disbursement of heat. Perfect for the coldest times in winter where maximum heat dispersement is a must.

The Summer Hat


Facilitate the use of The FireStick® during warm periods as a lantern or mood setter without creating heat.

All Weather Cover


High quality fabric fully protective cover for storage.

Marketing + Advertising Panel


Ideal for promotions or specials. Two base panels can be replaced with A2 size perspex marketing window

Bolt On Menu Holder


Ideal to display your menu when the fire stick is located near your front door or entrance. The flame provides the light to read your menu.