No doubt you’ve felt the cool approach of winter and thought about abandoning your patio or outdoor space, but don’t decide so fast. If you crave the outdoor scene, outdoor heating is your solution for keeping  comfortable in the cooler temperatures, keeping you and your guests happy. Here’s five reasons why you need to invest in outdoor heating if you haven’t already.

Keep the heat all year round

Obviously, having an outdoor heating system at your property allows you to have heat not just in winter. You can combat cooler days in Autumn and even shilly spring mornings. For private use in your patio, it’s perfect for hosting events with guests to keep them nice and cozy throughout the night.

For restaurants, this could be an opportunity for more revenue. Featuring an outdoor heater next to diners tables can make for an enticing night out, dining under the stars while still being able to take the coat off. There’s always a strong appeal for outdoor dining, and that shouldn’t have to stop in Winter. Plus, the visuals of the fire at night is sure to attract a crowd and can give people opportunities to engage in outdoor winter activities.

Outdoor heating is more affordable than you think

If you’ve ever noticed the outdoor heaters restaurants have and thought “Man, those must cost a fortune to run”, then think again. Outdoor heating is typically powered by gas, either as outdoor natural gas heaters or propane gas in tanks. Outdoor heaters provide very energy efficient heating. This helps keep expenses low and adds a flair of luxury to your location.

Of course, electric heaters are very convenient but can rack up the bills if used for too long. Gas heaters are the way to go for long term usage.

They’re easy to operate and safe to use

Another advantage about outdoor heaters is their ease of use and low maintenance. Gas units only require them to be fueled properly, then can easily be switched on and off. Some even some with remotes for easier accessibility. Electric heaters simply need to be plugged in to start being used.

Modern heaters have been designed to be cool to the touch, making them a lot safer for kids and reducing the risks of burns. Gas and electric heaters can also be a great alternative to fire pits for example, as gas heaters also produce a lot less pollution and are odorless. 

Adds value to your home

Sometimes the little things can make a big difference when it comes time to sell. If you decide to sell your home with an outdoor heater installed, chances are that buyers may be lured in with an all-season outdoor heating opportunity. It’s no guarantee, but it will definitely add more value to your home.

Massive varieties to choose from

No matter what space or style your location is, there’s an outdoor heater to fill it. Heaters come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes to accommodate for any occasion. One such design is the Firestick gas heater. This heater can provide heat for areas up to 25sqm, and displays a beautiful dancing flame in its center. Cool to the touch at its base, it’s a highly popular model that’s even been featured on televisions Masterchef and Big Brother. This model also has wheels which make for great portable heating solutions.

There are so many outdoor heating solutions available for your location. Explore the range today and contact an expert if you have any questions about them.

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