There’s always a level of elegance added to the restaurant experience when dining in an Alfresco restaurant’s refreshing breeze. However, sweltering heats can often drive people indoors to air conditioning instead. To keep temperatures comfortable for your guests, we highly recommend outdoor patio misters for your number one cooling solution, and we will explain why!

Keeps temperatures down

Before you ask, “do misting systems work?” think of the fact that many restaurants are already using them! The obvious reason why you need an Outdoor Misting Systems Solution is for its cooling effect! Misting systems can efficiently cool a large outdoor area with less energy when compared to traditional air conditioners and large outdoor fans. Misting systems utilise water to spray a thin veil of mist in the area, which will keep guests refreshed and cool when combined with the wind. As it’s only shooting mist, you save on your energy bills and don’t use much water. The amount of mist sprayed also ensures that anything underneath them doesn’t get wet and drenched in water. Still, you should avoid leaving open powerboards and electrical outlets in their reach when possible, just in case.

Misting systems can set the atmosphere

As a business owner, an essential part of owning a restaurant is the food and the presentation and atmosphere of your dining area. One way to enhance the dining experience is by incorporating misting systems. Yes, you could just buy some regular fans to keep guests cool outdoors, but they can be ineffective and can be an eyesore. Misting systems can elegantly blend with your current setup and provide a unique, cooling experience for your guests, especially in hotter climates. 

Misting systems are energy and water-efficient

Another excellent feature of misting systems is that they use little electricity and water to run long hours. Misting systems use far less energy than traditional air conditioners and fans, which is critical to consider for a restaurant that may use these systems for long hours every day. These systems also use minimal water over the day and barely contribute to your overall water bill. For those who get their water from tanks, you can mix the water with safe insect repellent for the cooling system to double as a bug repellent! For more information and model comparisons, talk to your trusted provider of outdoor misting systems in Sydney to find the best product for you.

They are easy to maintain

Outdoor patio misters don’t require much attention to keep going. The main things you need to keep an eye out for are the water filter, water pipes, water pumps and the misting nozzle. Tears and sun damage in the pipes need attention when spotted, and sort out any leaks before they become a significant problem. Prevention is the best cure, and keeping watch for these signs can save you lots of money and time in the long run. DIY installations may find these signs faster, so consider a professional patio misting system installation to make the most of your cooling system.

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