Winter has finally come and if you’re not a cold loving person, you’re gonna really feel it this year. With everyone in self-quarantine at home, it’s very tempting to leave your heater on all day to keep warm, but there are more efficient ways. Keep your house warm this winter with some of our top tips, while also saving money on your heating bill!

Throw away electric heating

One of the most common causes of high bills comes from electric heaters. They’re relatively cheap to buy and all you need to do is plug it in and go, but their convenience comes at a cost. Electric heaters use a lot of electricity to run, and if you leave them on for hours at a time you could be spending a fortune. 

It’s like with some printer models you can find, the upfront price is really cheap and you think you’ve gotten a great bargain, but when the time comes to purchase replacement ink, you’ll be paying more than you did for the printer!

If you use air conditioning, try not to overdo it. Lowering your regular temperature by a few degrees can save you lots on the yearly bill. Also, try using air conditioning in short bursts. Get your room nice and warm, then turn it off for a bit. When it gets a bit chilly again, turn it back on for a short while. The less you can use it the better.

The best long term solution is to invest in gas heating. The upfront price to install a gas heater connected to your line isn’t the cheapest in the world, but running it is significantly cheaper. This is also a great solution for outdoor heating, helping you enjoy your patio during winter.

Make outdoor heating more effective

If you love your patio or outdoor space but get too cold to enjoy it, worry no more. There are many natural gas outdoor heating solutions available which provide plenty of heat to keep you and your guests comfortable outside. These heaters are more than capable of providing heat in open spaces, but these can be made more effective by setting up ways to contain the heat in your outdoor space.

For example, you can have plastic curtains installed into your outdoor space, which still gives you a great view outside, while also containing the heat. Similarly, you can invest in insulated curtains for your home to keep heat in, and the cold from windows out. Insulated walls and floorboards can also make a huge difference in retaining heat, which means less usage of heating which means cheaper bills. 

At the end of the day, the best thing to do is to reduce how much you use air conditioning and electric heaters. Gas or wood-burning heaters are the way to go for cheaper, long term heating solutions. For your patio, it’s best to invest in outdoor heating that suits the long term.

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