Winter is currently in full swing, and no doubt you’ve been relying on your patio heater to keep warm while enjoying the night sky, or are considering purchasing one. When you depend on your patio heater more this season, don’t forget to take care of it and keep it maintained throughout winter and the following months to come. Here are some of our tips on how to properly take care of your patio heater.

Check the fittings before use

Everytime you want to turn on your patio heater, do some quick check around key areas beforehand, especially if you haven’t used it recently. Check the gas hose for any wear and tear. Leaks can reduce the heaters effectiveness and become a huge fire hazard. Make sure any clips are still strong, and that there’s no sign of damage to the heater itself for example rust or dents. If your gas cylinder is in poor condition, don’t take any chances and get it replaced before use. 

Position it correctly

Outdoor patio heaters generally have a heat radius of about 1.5m – 3m, so keep this in mind when deciding where to place it. Make sure that it’s not too close to another source of heat such as a campfire, as you should never overheat the gas tank. All outdoor patio heaters have measures to prevent them from tipping over, so you don’t need to worry about the wind as much. Never place the heater on a slope, and don’t use it under trees.

Store it properly

When it starts to get warmer again, you’ll likely store away your heater until it gets chilly again. When you store it, make sure it stands upright, and that it’s kept covered to avoid dust forming on top of it. Make sure any seals and hoses are safely secured to avoid them getting damaged. If you have a portable patio heater, try to move it out of the way of prone to rain areas, to keep the unit dry and reduce the rate of rust..

Schedule regular maintenance checks

You should always check your unit for dents, rust and damage, but when it comes to a full maintenance inspection, you should leave it to the professionals. A professional is able to do a proper check of the internals of your gas or flame heater to make sure it’s up to scratch. From there, they are fully equipped to give the best advice on what needs to be done next. Whether that be an on-the-spot repair, or if it needs to be taken in for repairs for a few days. Rest assured that with regular gas and flame heater maintenance, they will keep you going for years to come. We recommend that you get your heater checked once every 6 months with regular use, or once a year with irregular use. 

If you are reading this as research into buying an outdoor gas heater, know that they bring a great amount of heat for your space, and with a bit of care and maintenance, they will keep you warm for every winter in Sydney, for years to come.

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