Evaporative air conditioning units are exactly what their name would suggest. They evaporate water to cool the air. Water is circulated from a reservoir onto a cooling pad which saturates the moisture and becomes wet. A fan draws air from outside the unit through a moistened pad. Evaporation cools the air as it passes through the pad. Because the air is constantly flowing through the pad, evaporative cooling can feel as though there is a consistent breeze moving through your home.

Evaporative cooling fans are extremely effective. They can reduce the air temperature by as much as six or seven degrees. But they’re not ideal for every environment so before you purchase an evaporative cooler you should read the following information.

Because evaporative coolers work by circulating water into the atmosphere, they are not always ideal for indoor use in humid conditions because there is already significant moisture in the air. If you are going to use an evaporative cooler in your home then do so with an open window or door to avoid excessive moisture building up.

But an evaporative cooler can be very effective indoor / outdoor cooling solutions for spaces like warehouses, festivals, loading docks or garages. Because the space is open you don’t have the problem of moisture build up inside the home. Outdoor evaporative cooling actually maximises the benefits of evaporative cooling because it turns the moisture into cool air. Where you place your unit will determine the size and power of the cooler you choose.

Evaporative coolers are environmentally friendly and highly cost effective. The whole point is to use a natural process with motion and water to cool the environment. Obviously there are costs associated with both the purchase and set up but overall, an evaporative cooler is about three times cheaper than units that use refrigerated systems. You also have the option of mounting a fixed unit by a window which means you can use any breeze, warm or otherwise, to circulate through your unit which removes your reliance on a fan.

Because evaporative coolers naturally humidify the air, you won’t suffer from dry air symptoms like itchy eyes and throat and skin conditions.

Cleaning, storage and being cautious about shutting down your portable evaporative cooler will determine the health, longevity and performance of your unit. Filter and water curtains should be cleaned every 2 weeks with lukewarm water and a mild detergent so dust, dirt, mold, and mildew don’t build-up. This is even more important if you are planning to use your device for long periods of time.

For all of your summer cooling solutions contact your Climate Australia cooling specialist for advice on which type of cooling solution is most appropriate to your needs.

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