Your calendar might be telling you that it’s transitioning from winter to spring but it can take a little while for the temperature to adjust. The sun might be shining and the winds associated with August have hopefully passed, but when the temperature is still a few degrees short of comfortable, patio heaters are the perfect solution.

Climate Australia Heaters are the best, most efficient patio heaters on the market. Before purchasing a patio heater make sure that they are Climate AustraliaHigh Quality Climate Australia Heaters patented and fully Australian standard compliant. We are the sole distributors in Australia and New Zealand of the Real Flame heater collection. The Fire Stick, Fire Fountain and Fire Lamp ensure the highest performance and the most conservative gas use.

They are perfect for patios, outdoor rooms, garages and gardens. Commercially, they’re perfect for outdoor dining areas in restaurants, clubs, sports centres and even warehouses. All of our heaters have wheels for easy transitioning and mobility and they are weather protected which means winds or rain won’t interfere with their performance. And with a Climate Australia Patio Heater you’ll get an even distribution of heat from patio heaters that are built to withstand the conditions associated with some of the world’s coldest climates. Australia’s relatively moderate winter and spring conditions won’t cause any problems for our heaters. Climate Australia patio heaters are easy to install and are preassembled in a box.

Energy efficiency is a major consideration when purchasing an outdoor gas patio heater. Our heaters run on natural gas or LPG. Natural gas is the least expensive and least space consuming option because you can tap your heater into your gas line. There is no changing of gas tanks and the cost is absorbed into your gas bill.

LPG tanks are nestled inside the base of your heater which means you have greater mobility and LPG is still a comparatively inexpensive heating option. LPG gas tanks can be purchased or swapped at service stations and hardware stores.

So now that it’s spring it’s the perfect time to be spending some time outside. The chill in the air can be addressed by a Climate Australia outdoor patio heater.

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