Is it really necessary to give up one of our favourite lifestyle pastimes – spending time in our outdoor spaces –  when daylight saving and the warm weather ends? The answer to that is absolutely not. There are plenty of products on the market that can give you the light, warmth and ambience to maintain your outdoor lifestyle. Some of these winter backyard ideas might encourage you to extend summer by some months and make the most of your outside architecture.


Light and ambience are essential ingredients for outdoor living and entertaining. Staggered lighting on your pathways, fairy and accent lighting in your foliage and trees, and low voltage landscape lighting to illuminate your cooking and dining spaces or a nook where you like to nestle or read. A beautifully lit outdoor area is enticing enough to keep a party going so long as you are warm enough.


That’s why a natural gas patio heater in Australia is one of the best investments you can make. Climate Australia heaters are not only a great investment for an outdoor lifestyle, they are made to meet our rigorous Australian quality and safety standards. A Climate Australia patio heater can have you entertaining sooner than expected and for longer than expected. There are cheap alternatives on the market that can’t claim the same quality or standards nor can they offer a full factory warranty. And our heaters are aesthetically pleasing. Our fire fountain heater is a prime example. If you are considering buying an outdoor patio heater, LPG or natural gas, you can talk to one of our Climate Australia sales consultants.

All of our portable outdoor heaters are mobile, cold to the touch, child safe and energy efficient. Our fire lamp, fire fountain and fire stick designs can all be connected to LPG or natural gas supply points. If you connect to your gas line there is no changing of gas tanks and the cost is absorbed into your gas bill.

Low voltage lighting and outdoor gas heating can both offer great energy efficiency if you choose wisely. Low voltage lights are powered by 30 volts of electricity or less. They use 20% of the energy emitted by an incandescent bulb. They consume less energy for equivalent illumination. Climate Australia gas heaters and low voltage lighting both help to conserve our energy resources.

Climate Australia heaters run on natural gas or LPG. Natural gas is the least expensive and least space consuming option because you can tap your heater into your gas line.

So as you can see, there are more lifestyle options than ever to extend your outdoor living experiences. Outdoor living is no longer limited to just the summer months.

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