Climate Australia Portable Misting FanIt’s not uncommon for homes to have their living spaces and kitchens outside. In fact, the flexibility and pleasure of indoor, outdoor living is no longer an ideal, it has become a desired feature for many, if not most homes. In summer the days are long and we want to spend as much time outside as we possibly can.

The only dilemma is how do we keep cool? Summer cooling solutions in Australia have generally revolved around air conditioning and fans. For outdoor living that’s hardly practical. There is a solution and it’s becoming increasingly popular – outdoor misting systems.

Outdoor misting systems and fans by Climate Australia can drop the temperature by as much as three or four degrees. Our mist cooling systems and fans deliver a very high pressure micro-mist delivered from the normal pressure provided by your hose through finely pierced nozzles for an extremely fine mist. These miniscule drops of water evaporate in the heat which is what causes the temperature to drop. Misting systems have an excellent reach and they can have a substantial effect on  large areas.

As well as cooling the environment they work really effectively to reduce the number of insects in the air, including dust mites and pollen which is really valuable to anybody who suffers from allergies.


Fan or Misting System? How do you choose between the two?

Misting Fans are great for areas that are larger than about six or seven metres deep. The combination of mist and air circulation will cool more substantial areas. If you have a patio area and no cover then you will have need the projection from a fan to get the coverage that you require.

The pressure on your patio misting systems generally ranges from low range to medium and then high. Using your hose pressure only, the strength of your misting system will determine the size of the area you want to cool.


When you purchase your misting kit, you surround the area with misting lines and create a curtain of cool air. Misting lines should be directed away from tables otherwise you’ll have a wetting rather than a cooling effect. With a patio cover the misting is contained and in the size of area we’ve described it will provide a sufficient amount of cooling.

In large commercial spaces you will need both a misting system and a fan. The problem generally occurs in the centre of commercial spaces rather than the perimeter. When the misting lines are established they don’t have the required airflow to reach the centre of a commercial space especially if there is no patio cover.

If you’re still unsure about which option you should take your Climate Australia specialist will inform on the appropriate components and misting kit to purchase to get the best performance from your system in the area you need to cool.

Other things to consider are the flow rate and the size of the water droplets. Take the time and talk to our consultants so you come up with the right solution.

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