Have an endless summer with an outdoor patio heater. The slight chill either side of summer is no reason to revert back to indoor entertaining. Outdoor Patio Heaters are the perfect accessory for the deck or outside entertainment area.

Their versatility means you can place and store them easily. LPG gas bottles are concealed within the unit or purchase a conversion kit for natural gas. There’s a range of sizes suitable for small and intimate outdoor entertaining or thriving restaurants and beer gardens. They’re as stylish and ambient as a street lamp on a moonlit evening stroll and as for fuel options? Well the criteria needs to be economy, safety and the environment and Climate Australia gas heaters meet all three.

Outdoor Patio Heaters

Where To Buy Patio Heaters

Climate Australia gas patio heaters are the least expensive and most fuel efficient gas patio heaters on the market. Beware of cheap, inefficient and in some instances, unsafe options. Climate Australia patio heaters are fully and proudly Australian standard compliant and they come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Cheap, inferior quality heaters can’t claim that – nor can they offer a patio heater service option like Climate Australia LPG and natural gas heaters.

Stylish and Safe

Lamp, firestick or fountain? Each has their own charm and each is easily manoeuvred – that’s if you feel the need to store them. As discussed, they’re ambient and attractive and their dimensions are so streamlined that they take up very little space. They are ideal for family gatherings because they are cold to the touch and sturdy enough to not risk being knocked over and hurting somebody. There are accessories like bar tables which allow for guests to gather around your heater with a drink or coffee and larger hats for increased heat reflection.

Don’t let a shift in temperature stop you from entertaining. Climate Australia will recommend a lamp, firestick or fountain patio heater to suit the area you need to heat. Order online and be amazed at how little you need to do to have your patio heater ready for entertaining. Unlike other, cheaper and lesser quality products which are difficult to assemble, Climate Australia patio heaters only require the castors and hat to be added.

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