Winter is a daunting time for many patio owners where the patio gets unused and collects dust for the next few months – but this doesn’t have to be the case. The cold shouldn’t be the only reason that makes you abandon your outdoor spaces, and potentially miss out on beautiful moments with friends and family. 

You can revitalise any outdoor space with the warmth and glow of a reliable outdoor patio heater. Climate Australia offers three high-quality outdoor heaters which are excellent for keeping your outdoor entertainment area warm and cozy:

  1. The Firelamp Flame Heater
  2. The Fire Fountain Heater
  3. The Firestick Gas Heater

To help you make the best choice for your particular space and heating needs, continue reading as we explore what each heater can do for you. Just think of the wonderful moments ahead of you!

  1.  The Firelamp Flame Heater
Firelamp heaters in Australia

With any heater you choose, location and climate can make a big difference in what works best for you. If you’re in an outdoor space with lots of airflow, then this may be the heater for you.

The Firelamp outdoor patio heater comes in Antique bronze, black and silver, and offers an innovative, retro look to your venue. It’s designed as an old fashioned street lamp and offers three separate heat and flame settings, all with a mesmerising effect to look at. This particular model doesn’t have wheels, so be mindful of where you choose to install it. All outdoor heaters come in Natural Gas or LPG models as well, for extra variety.

This lamp comes semi-assembled, stands at 2.3m tall and is one of the best entry-level outdoor heaters we have available, as it’s realistically priced to suit all budgets.

  1.  The Fire Fountain Heater
Firefountain heaters in Australia

This heater comes in four different colours and produces a massive amount of heat. This heater features a beautiful flame in its centre with three separate heat and flame settings. This unit comes fully furnished and with wheels for whatever the day holds. 

This heater stands at 2 meters tall, and is perfect for lower clearances and ceilings while providing a fantastic ambience. The Fire Fountain Heater also features super economical gas consumption and only uses 26.5 MJ/h on LPG.

  1.  The Firestick Gas Heater
The Firestick heaters in Australia

The Firestick Gas Heater stands as a pioneer in outdoor heating. This unit is designed and manufactured for the hospitality industry and provides spectacular heating, style, ambience, atmosphere and appearance. These can be used all year round, as a heater in winter and a lantern in summer. 

The FireStick provides superior heat coverage for up to 25sqm and has three separate heat and flame settings. This model boasts a beautiful dancing flame and has even been featured on Big Brother, Beauty & the Geek, and even Masterchef! An additional XXL Snow Top reflector enhances its heating capabilities even more, and it’s built to resist the effects and decay of various weather conditions. As a result, we say it’s one of the best solutions for heating your outside patio.

We hope to have shed some light on the varieties and options you have for outdoor patio heating solutions. For even more choices or to ask any questions, talk to the experts in natural gas outdoor heaters in Australia. We will help you with all your outdoor heating queries and give you the specifications you need to make a final decision.

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