So you don’t make an expensive mistake by buying a product of inferior quality, you should know what to consider when buying a misting fan. Climate Australia are distributors of the best misting fans on the market. We inform our customers on the importance of maintenance and product shortcomings when applied to certain environments or applications.

Insufficient mist is one of the most common problems. This can occur due to a damaged nozzle or a problem with the water supply. Problems with the water supply can include an inlet air leakage or a blocked water inlet; an air leak in the plumbing or worn or damaged inlet discharged valves. If your misting fan is making some strange noises then it may be because you have a squeaking slipping belt. It may need tightening which is simple enough but if that doesn’t do the trick then you might have to replace it.

These descriptions will mean very little to anybody who is unfamiliar with the workings of a misting fan, which is most people. You can contact our product experts by phone or send us an email. You could also read the specifications on our Tornado portable misting fan in Australia.  Of course the water supply might be limited because you haven’t filled the fan’s tank so check that first. Has something like dust or debris found its way between the supply and the fan. Check that too – it’s possible that your water supply may have accumulated dirt and debris, especially if it’s an unfiltered supply of tank water for instance. You will need to remove the ‘O’ ring and check the thread. 

The other part of the fan to check is the grill and blades. They should be dry. It’s important that when  you store your fan it’s clean and dry. Our products are of the highest quality but they still need to be cared for properly and used to specification. Get the correct product for the size of the area that you need to cool. Using a fan that is too powerful for the specified area will wet your patrons and guests. If you take care of your Climate Australia misting fan and follow our outdoor cooling tips it can last for years. Don’t forget that you can also hire an outdoor misting fan for one off events. Contact Climate Australia today for an obligation free conversation. 

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