Summer Cooling Solutions

MistMate misting system is ideal for domestic homes, apartments, green houses, sheds and stables. They are very easy to install and require no power to operate.

Tornado misting fan is constructed of the finest materials and patent design. The Tornado is fully adjustable in each and every way. Covers approx 50m2 – it reduces temperature by up to 18 to 20 degrees on a hot day. Perfect for domestic, hospitality or commercial use. Ideal for restaurants. The addition of a few drops of citronella the unit eradicates most flies. Also available in wall mounted units

Evaporative Coolers, We have a full range of portable evaporative coolers which are able to cool warehouses, offices, sports complexes from 50 square metres to 500 square meters and even outdoor Football Fields using a standard household power and the option of a garden hose – at an unbelievably low running cost. Ideal for areas where air conditioning is not available or an option – or as backup cooling.

Power Mister Cooling System The fully automated and time controlled misting system. This system is 100 metres long with 90 of the finest misting nozzles. This can be adjusted to any configuration you require. The Power Mister Cooling System comes in a fully lockable trunk and only requires a standard power plug and standard garden hose. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, open air venues, thoroughbred racehorse trainers & stables.