For outdoors and open areas we have the new professional industrial Gunmate 20 sprayer.


One Zoono spray lasts 30 days against covid 19 ARTG number 224480

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– Commercial all-purpose sprayer and mister developed to fight
covert viruses and all germs
– 100% Suitable for sanitising and disinfecting
– Also perfect for spraying pesticides and insecticides

Fight COVID, and all germs, with the new handheld commercial sprayer for sanitising and disinfecting areas of commercial and domestic use

  • Powerful motor
  • 220v power
  • Easy fill 4.51t tank
  • Flow control

Product Features

  • Highly effective and efficient Electric Commercial Sprayer for SANITISING and DISINFECTING work areas and high traffic public spaces
  • Light weight, Compact and EASY TO USE
  • Operates with both oil & water-based Disinfectants
  • Adjustable Spray, Volume & Particle size for all application

Technical Specifications

Power 1400W
Voltage 110V~220V / 50~60Hz
Atomisation 150 – 260ml/min
Tank 4.5L
Particle Size 10 – 200 Microns
Spraying Range 5 – 10 Meters
Chemical Solution Oil & Water Based
Noise 75dB
Machine Size 430 x 270 x 390
Gross Weight 3.5Kg

– Deep clean and sanitise any enclosed area when not occupied
– Deep cleaning made easy up to 30 days
– Tested worldwide with amazing results
– No detergents or cleaning materials