If you are running a food truck business, one of the best ways to help invite potential customers in scorching conditions is with an outdoor misting fan. With it, you can keep your customers satisfied while they still enjoy the fresh air and scenery around them. Here are more reasons:

Stand out from the crowd

Imagine being one of the only trucks out there with a misting fan for their customers. Giving them the luxury of cooling down with a misting fan while lining up for your food, or while sitting down to eat (if you offer seating) can provide a unique experience that no one else can provide. This can be extremely attractive if you’re in a more remote area where there isn’t much shade or other options for food/place to sit. 

What fan is best for you?

Depending on where you are and how often you move around, you may need a certain type of misting fan to have the best effect. If you stay at a certain location a lot with water access, then you could look at a high-pressure fan for the best effect, as it also looks the most professional. If you’re on the go a lot more, then a portable misting fan would work better. These can be filled with water ahead of time, giving the same cooling effect but with more versatility and freedom. You can even get normal ground based ones with wheels to move around easier, or for a more permanent solution, go for a wall mounted cooling system which adds more versatility and takes up less space. There are a variety of options available for buying an outdoor misting fan.


Misting fans need electricity and water to run. They generally use their water supply very efficiently, with some portable models being able to run for 7 hours on one tank. With this, you could work for an entire day and still have a bit of juice leftover. They’re very economical to run, and considering the impact they can have as they can reduce the air temperature by a few degrees, it could make a major difference between comfort and discomfort.Besides providing cooler temperatures while being economical to run, they perform fairly quietly. They are not overly loud and will have little disturbance to everyday life going on around it. If you want to learn more, explore the range of portable misting fans from Climate Australia today.

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