When a really warm day comes out of nowhere it can feel as though we’re sweltering in the heat because we’re  unprepared. It’s an opportune time to offer some tips on how to stay cool in hot weather or how to stay cool when the weather is hot outside.

So in spring, while we’re waiting for the temperatures to level out and summer to arrive it’s an opportune time to remember all of the things we do to cope in a warm climate.

Firstly, dress in light clothing. Shelve the jeans and tight, fitted clothing for breathable cotton and linen clothing. Avoid jeans and other fitted clothing and go for breathable garments made from cotton and linen. If you’re working it’s best to opt for open toe shoes and light sundresses. If you are having a day off then really casual footwear appropriate to your activities is much better than dress shoes or boots.

Water is the number one accessory for coping with hot weather. Carry water with you and replenish it throughout the day. There’s more to water than quenching your thirst. Being hydrated keeps you energised and well. Heat stroke in hot weather, especially when the heat is unexpected, can be avoided by being hydrated.

portable patio misting fansExposure to the sun should always be limited, especially at the hottest time of the day. But if you can swim early or later in the day then it can really energise you and help you to rest well. Sleeplessness in hot weather is not unusual so anything that cools your body temperature and relaxes your limbs is helpful.

Cool places on hot days are perfect. Cinemas, galleries, museums and libraries are cool and productive spaces to hang out while the temperatures soar outside.

Misting systems and misting fans

A patio misting system or a patio misting fan for your outdoor or alfresco area is the solution ideal if you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and you don’t like high temperatures to force you back inside. The mist they spread is gentle so you don’t feel as though you are getting an unwanted shower and they have the added advantage of discouraging insects.

Climate Australia are the misting system specialists. Our systems deliver a very high pressure micro-mist delivered from the normal pressure provided by your hose. The pressure on your patio misting systems generally ranges from low range to medium and then high. Using your hose pressure only, the strength of your misting system will determine the size of the area you want to cool.

Low pressure systems cool smaller areas while high pressure systems cool larger areas. Your Climate Australia specialist will inform on the appropriate components to use to get the best performance from your system in the area you need to cool.

Other things to consider are the flow rate and the size of the water droplets. Take the time and talk to our consultants so you come up with the right solution and the right components.

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