If you are hosting an outdoor party or event and you’re not certain about the weather then you should be hiring some outdoor patio heaters just in case things get a bit cool.

That’s a great idea and we’re all for it for obvious reasons, but you should exercise some caution especially if it’s an event that may last longer than a few hours. The caution relates to the types of patio heaters that you should be ordering and using. There are plenty of cheap heaters on the market and while you might be attracted to the price point, you won’t be so pleased if they don’t perform and the company you hired them from can’t be contacted to provide replacements.

Patio heaters vary. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they’re all the same because they’re not.

In a commercial environment, and that includes for use at a party or private function where there is a crowd, they need to be durable and robust. 

Choose a Climate Australia Patio Heater

Our patio heaters are unequaled when it comes to heat distribution. Cheap alternatives can’t compete. Talk to us about the space that you need to heat and we will make our recommendations. We weigh up the space that needs to be heated and the range each heater can provide. Obviously the number of heaters will depend on the size of the area. Outdoor space heater benefits should include an even distribution for all guests in the designated space. Anything less and the heaters aren’t doing their job.


Another benefit is aesthetic appeal. If you are hosting an event, the last thing you want is outdoor heaters that have a poor design and are poorly maintained. Practicality is important but so is appearance. If you look at the Climate Australia website, you’ll see that all of our heaters are stylish and we only rent out high quality heaters that are well maintained. Our firestick gas heaters in Australia area perfect example of how great our heaters look.

Peace of mind

Things can get out of hand at a party. Do you really think you can guarantee to a customer that a cheap patio heater is durable enough to be knocked over (potentially), is water and splash resistant, and has automatic cut off features to prevent it starting a fire if something happens at the party? These are all outdoor space heater benefits that you should be looking for when you hire a patio heater for a function.

Other functions and features should include: Match free ignition; stainless steel construction; portability; customer support while the function is proceeding and replacement parts if something goes astray over the term of the event, festival, party or function. 

Climate Australia patio heaters have all of those qualities and more. Before you hire patio heaters in Sydney you should see our range and ask us to provide a quote on one or more of our high quality range.

Not only do we supply practical, stylish and technologically advanced outdoor patio heaters, we can advise you on how to heat your function and keep your guests, customers, stakeholders or patrons completely comfortable for the entire event.

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