The best way to cool a warehouse down during warmer weather is by using an industrial cooling system. There is a range of evaporative air cooler benefits, and they use less energy than other cooling methods while also providing a comfortable environment for those working within a warehouse. The best outdoor evaporative cooler is the one you thoroughly look after. Here are some tips on maintaining your industrial evaporative coolers, both when stored away and when needed for the hotter climate. 

Evaporative cooler maintenance should start as soon as your warehouse starts using it and continue even when it is in storage and not being used. Make sure to turn off the cooling system when it is not in use, whether that be during the colder months or simply overnight. Shutting off and unplugging it is essential for preserving it. This also involves taking steps to look after it after its use. This involves draining the water supply, letting the interior dry and overall cleaning the cooler. You should also routinely clean the exterior of the industrial cooler after use. This will keep it clean and running optimally, improving the longevity of your industrial evaporative coolers. By cleaning your industrial cooler in all these ways, you will be keeping up its maintenance. These steps will ensure that your cooler maintains good quality and will run well when you are using it and maintain its quality even when you are not using it. 

When the warmer months start to begin, check and make sure your outdoor evaporative cooling system is in good condition. The last thing you want is to be caught in the heat with a malfunctioning unit! Check for any old or damaged parts that might affect its ability to work. This could include replacing the cooling pads, inspecting the motor belt and removing any rust that can eat away at the cooling unit. You should also make sure to replace any parts that are no longer used regularly. This is very important in maintaining your cooler. Regular maintenance will make these issues less likely to arise, but it is always essential to routinely check just in case. When it is ready for use for the warmer weather, ensure that you are maintaining it during use by cleaning the water tank, making sure that the correct water levels are being used, and adding fresh water to the water tank. These steps will make sure that you prevent a mineral build-up and keep the air in the warehouse fresh. 

There are many different tips on maintaining your industrial evaporative coolers. These small steps will help keep your coolers longevity and make sure it is properly used and that you and your employees are getting the most out of it when the warehouse is impacted by warm weather. 

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