Summer is only getting hotter, and with the rising electricity prices, air conditioning is effective but expensive. For an environmentally conscious cooling solution for your home or space, take a look at evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers provide an ecologically friendly and sustainable cooling solution that is already popular in production facilities, office buildings and shopping centres. Here are some top advantages of evaporative coolers and why they’re your perfect cooling solution this summer.

Keeps your environment cool

Naturally, an evaporative cooling system is designed to keep your space cool. Evaporative coolers work by passing hot, outside air through water-filled filter pads, then pushing that cooled air out into your room through a fan to keep a consistent, comfortable temperature in your space and avoid the heat. Keeping yourself and those around you cool helps provide a comfortable space, influencing productivity and mood. If you’re a business owner, you’ll want to make sure your staff can work to their fullest potential, so keeping them cool is one way to do that.

Doesn’t break the bank

Running the air conditioner all day will make you forget about the summer heat, but you’ll undoubtedly feel the effect on your wallet. Air conditioners run off electricity and are easy to lose track of when left on. Not only are operational costs high, if air conditioners break down, there’s usually a hefty repair fee to cover, causing more discomfort to your funds. Evaporative coolers only power a fan and water pump and is an energy efficient way to regulate the temperature. If your cooler breaks down, they are relatively cheap to repair and get going again. Regularly scheduled maintenance is also less expensive and often catches major issues before becoming a more significant and costly problem. 

Cools the same area as air conditioning

The benefits of evaporative cooling systems are not only ecologically friendly and cheaper to run, but they have the full capacity to cool large areas. There are many differences between evaporative cooling and air conditioning, but the main difference is they’re cheaper to run and just as effective as air conditioning. 

Portable models are available

Evaporative coolers also come in portable models and are great for businesses that are always on the go. Companies such as food trucks or construction sites can take full advantage of the portability and ease of use evaporative coolers offer. Commercial and industrial evaporative coolers are available for purchase or rent and can run for up to 7 hours on one water tank. They’re a perfect cooling solution for those hot sticky summer days and nights, and you can add a few drops of bug repellent to use as an effective bug repellent that’s safe around humans. To learn more about the types of cooling systems available, talk to the experts at Climate Australia.

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