If you’ve ever been entertained either at a home, restaurant or bar where there was an outdoor misting system, you’ll be able to verify their efficiency and effectiveness. The mist is so subtle and unobtrusive that you barely know it’s there. So if you were impressed, it won’t surprise you to know that they do more than just keep you cool at home, outdoor misting systems serve a number of purposes. 

Portable misting systems and fans deliver a high pressure micro-mist delivered from the normal pressure provided by your hose through finely pierced misting nozzles. These miniscule droplets of water evaporate in the heat which is what causes the temperature to drop. Misting systems have an excellent reach and they can have a substantial effect on large areas.

For cooling at home, misting systems are great for patios, garages and playgrounds. A low pressure residential misting system can run on the water pressure from your domestic hose and you can increase or decrease the pressure as necessary. If space is an issue but you want to be outside as much and as often as possible, you can buy the same cooling system as a patio misting fan.

For larger homes and with more people to entertain you should invest in a misting fan or misting system that is designed to meet the proportions of your outdoor living area and the typical number of people you like to entertain. 

A 3m outdoor misting kit is one of the most popular and versatile misting systems on the market. It comes with a state of the art designed micro filter for the hardest water and dust particles, heavy duty brass nozzles, extra coating on the piping for UV protection, low pressure capability which is handy for smaller gatherings and a full range of accessories.

For small gardens and garden beds a misting fan maintains a lush green, moist appearance. Mist cooling system installation are able to be supplied with three, six or nine metre hosing. If you require any assistance with installation or if you are unclear on which is the best system for your home you can always consult with one of our representatives.

In addition to cooling outdoor misting systems are also great for reducing and even eliminating insects, especially mosquitos, while you’re entertaining. It stands to reason. What is a fine mist of microscopic droplets to us is a downpour to a mosquito. They pack up for the day and venture to parties without misting systems.If you are looking for outdoor cooling solutions you should contact Climate Australia to purchase or hire. Our misting systems are the best and most efficient on the market. Don’t fall for cheap imitations, call Climate Australia today.

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