Do you find yourself heading indoors a lot sooner than usual? As the colder seasons quickly approach, it becomes more difficult to sit outside at night and watch the stars or enjoy company.

While there are a variety of options available on the market for outdoor gas heaters such as wood burners, natural gas or electric, gas heaters have unique features that make for the perfect outdoor heating solutions.

Easiest setup

Outdoor gas heaters are the easiest to get going from purchase, as all you need to do is attach the gas tank and go. When you are done, you can just as easily detach and place the tank in storage or replace if necessary. The tank is usually hidden inside of the heater, allowing for greater mobility. No matter your setup, there will be a style fit for you.

Gas is portable

Do you change your mind a lot about where stuff should be placed? If you like to move things around here and there, an outdoor gas heater can be easily moved around for convenience. 

Outdoor heaters with a gas tank don’t need to be installed, and as such can be moved as often as you like, while still being heavy enough to withstand any wind that could knock it over. For example, the Fire Lamp outdoor flame heater has wheels for greater mobility and comes in a range of colours. 

Of course, most outdoor gas heaters can also use Natural gas, which is cheaper to use long term as it taps into your gas line, but isn’t portable must be installed to one location. Natural gas outdoor heaters are more of a permanent solution for your outdoor living spaces for winter.

Typically, wall mounted gas heaters must be mounted to a wall, fitted with natural gas. However if you want the feel of a wall mounted heater with the flexibility to be placed anywhere outdoors, there are floor heater varieties that mimic their style.

Gas is energy efficient and safe

One great advantage of using gas over electricity is the cost. Electric heaters are very convenient but can rack the bills up quickly. Gas heaters use gas very efficiently, and you get hours of use off the one tank. 

Outdoor heaters also must follow strict Australia regulations, so you can be sure that they are certified for use. The heaters themselves are cool to the touch at the base, lowering the risks of kids (and some adults) being burnt, just to name some of the many patio heater benefits that exist.

Easy maintenance

Yet another advantage of outdoor gas heaters over other types is that maintenance is fairly easy. Do you want to dedicate an hour cleaning out a wood burning heater, vacuuming up the ash and scrubbing the walls, or do you want to spend a few minutes wiping down the outside of your gas heater? I know what I’d pick. 

With the colder season coming in quick, now’s the perfect time to prepare by investing in an outdoor gas heater for all your outdoor heating solutions.

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