Because Australia is not considered to be one of the world’s coldest climates, that’s not to say that our winters don’t have some bite. In fact, because the climate in most parts of Australia for much of the year is on the warmer side, you’re less inclined to compromise on your desire to entertain outdoors. Even during our idyllic summers, it’s not unheard of to have a night or two when the temperature drops without warning.

Open plan living  spaces have morphed into outdoor rooms and our obsession with the patio hasn’t diminished. When a cold snap hits the last thing you want to do is head indoors. Artificial light is no substitute for starlight nor is an oven cooked meal comparable to a barbecue.

Winter Outdoor EntertainmentA portable outdoor heater from Climate Australia can keep you out on your deck all year round … safely. All our heaters are certified to rigorous Australian standards. Cheap alternatives can’t claim that, nor can they offer a full factory warranty. Australian standards also apply to our commercial patio heaters.

We supply the best outdoor heaters in Australia. All of our heaters are mobile, cold to the touch, child safe and energy efficient. Our fire lamp, fire fountain and fire stick designs can all be connected to LPG or natural gas supply points.

There are a few other tips to successful outdoor living and entertaining  in the winter months that can make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable … and warm.

Patio curtains can retain the heat generated by your outdoor heater and keep the wind from coming in. Bamboo curtains can serve the same purpose. Obviously safety is paramount so curtains should be well clear of your heaters.

Despite the efficiency of our outdoor patio heaters, we can’t guarantee they’ll warm your seating quickly enough to prevent your bottoms from getting cold. Simple solution – cushions. Small light blankets are also good for throwing over your lap.

Starting a little earlier can ensure that you’ll get the warmest part of even a cold day and as the light drops, candles create beautiful ambience.

All in all, if you have the right heating solutions and place safety as your number one priority, entertaining in the winter months can be as pleasurable as a balmy summers night.

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